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21.06.2021 It’s getting dark

The motion detector on your carport and an Aircraft Detection Light System (ADLS) have a lot in common: their purpose is to light up the darkness at the right moment for the right length of time. This allows you to get to your vehicle safely and it allows a pilot to find a safe flightpath through the darkness. The five ADLS providers currently on the German market all have the same goal: to ensure that air traffic is safe on dark nights.

Achieving this goal doesn’t just require a technically innovative and resilient invention. The system also needs to pass testing at an official type test centre successfully and ensure that the operator’s wind energy investment is well protected. That is why Deutsche Windtechnik decided from the outset to divide the complex requirements of an ADLS system into three areas of expertise:

  1. Airspace monitoring and aircraft detection
  2. Transmission, reception and processing of ADLS signals
  3. Infrared and night-time marking combined with intelligent communication and data storage

In cooperation with f.u.n.k.e. Avionics GmbH, we have developed a transponder-based ADLS solution that bundles the three areas of expertise described above into one comprehensive ADLS system. Alternatively, it can also selectively perform the individual tasks of airspace monitoring, controlling existing interfaces at the wind farm and using existing third-party systems (ADLS light).

What synergies can we leverage to optimise your ADLS costs?
As a rule of thumb, Deutsche Windtechnik’s ADLS can be installed on any type of wind turbine. Thanks to its modular design, it can be installed in connection with any turbine technology, and this enables synergies beyond the operator’s own wind farm. Even if retrofitting an ADLS is basically an additional financial burden for the wind farm from a cost perspective, those costs can be significantly reduced through synergies and customised solutions. In order to make the best use of this potential, we work closely together with you as the operator or operations manager to develop a comprehensive, cost-optimised ADLS concept. In addition to the technical implementation of the ADLS, the concept also covers approval-related aspects, and this ensures a quick and smooth approval process.

We are on our way! You too?
Deutsche Windtechnik is the single point of contact for the operator during the implementation of the ADLS. The overall implementation process is actually not a trivial matter. That is why it is better if many things are taken care of by a single, competent partner. This ensures that there are no nasty surprises during implementation and installation on site. Our customer management takes responsibility for the entire contract term. Your system is continuously monitored and cared for from our control centre. If a fault does occur, our 107 service stations across Germany ensure fast response times and professional processing. We are well positioned to carry out ADLS retrofits and are already in the process of planning many projects.

Contact: bnk@deutsche-windtechnik.com