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19.03.2021 Next stop Houston, Texas

Mirko Brandt started as a warehouse worker at Deutsche Windtechnik in September 2015, mainly because the workplace was close to the town where he lived. At the time, he would never have guessed that three years later he would be living in Houston, Texas.

He was given more and more responsibility in the warehouse and finally appointed team leader. Then, in 2018, he heard about the opportunity to work at the warehouse of the new US unit as a warehouse manager. Generally speaking, an American with the right experience could have taken on the position. However Mirko’s direct line of communication with his colleagues in Germany promised to be an advantage when designing and setting up the US warehouse, so he didn’t waste any time: Mirko and his wife packed their suitcases. The warehouse specialist has been responsible for all logistics in the US since 2019 and does not regret making the move: “I have great colleagues, the weather is great and I appreciate the opportunity to develop further and think outside the box,” Mirko said happily.