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04.12.2020 Dismantling on the rise  

Deutsche Windtechnik is expecting an increase in orders for dismantling projects in the year ahead. “There are two decisive factors behind this,” explained Lars Vogler, the project manager responsible for this activity at Deutsche Windtechnik: “On one hand, it’s clear now that authorities are awarding more wind farm repowering contracts again after months of permit backlogs.” In autumn 2020, the team was able to successfully dismantle the Bergedorf and Keula wind farms in Northern and Central Germany. Well-preserved individual components have been resold or are being stored as spare parts. On the other hand, according to Lars Vogler, projects that consist solely of dismantling will receive a boost from the cessation of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) remuneration for turbines brought into operation prior to 2000. Since it is not worth continuing operation for all wind turbines, the Repowering Team is preparing for an increase in requests for dismantling and equipment resale from 2021 onwards.    

Contact Lars Vogler: l.vogler@deutsche-windtechnik.com