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09.10.2020 Lifting platform technology makes repairs possible all year round

As already reported in the 02/2020 issue of luftpost, Deutsche Windtechnik rotor blade experts started the year with new ground-based lifting platform technology. With a fully enclosed work platform, it is generally possible to work on a rotor blade without detaching it from the hub, regardless of the weather. This has significantly extended the rotor blade working season. Weather-related downtimes in periods of bad weather can be significantly reduced.  

The work platform was still in the test phase during the first half of the year, but the first project with Hans-Gustav Hagge, Managing Director of the Hemme West wind farm (13 x Enercon E70), has now been completed successfully. „At our wind farm, work on the rotor blades was pending. Our cooperation has been very good in the past and our trust in Deutsche Windtechnik continues to be rewarded. The work was performed more quickly than expected and was more cost-effective. As such, it was a win for everyone,“ said Hans-Gustav Hagge.  

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