Even in Corona times: We are still there for you!

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19.03.2020 Even in Corona times: We are still there for you!

The effects of the corona virus pandemic, which is now occurring worldwide, have expanded considerably in recent days. We at Deutsche Windtechnik, too, are monitoring the situation very carefully and are constantly adapting our preventive measures to the current circumstances, taking into account the information provided by the authorities, the Robert Koch Institute and other institutions. In the meantime, newly created emergency plans for all business activities, service in the field, remote monitoring of the systems and all of our administrative activities are applied, sometimes as a precaution.

Availability is still guaranteed

The work of our hotline and our customer support is reorganized in such a way that we can be easily reached by email and / or telephone via the usual communication channels. This is the same for most other employees who are in communication contact and have mostly moved to their home office. Should there be any delays, please send your request to info@deutsche-windtechnik.com, we will forward it internally to the appropriate location in a timely manner.

We wish you, your families and friends strength and patience in dealing with the unusual requirements of this time.

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