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10.12.2019 Special IT solutions are our standard

Adapting software to the individual needs of operators and operations managers is a key element in further optimising and, if possible, automating the maintenance of wind turbines. Klaas Feldmann, Head of IT at Deutsche Windtechnik AG, provides insights into the organisation and work processes of in-house software development.

How does Deutsche Windtechnik fulfil customer-specific requirements in IT?

Special requirements that go beyond standard solutions are part of our daily work. We are well prepared to meet these expectations. Digitalisation as well as Deutsche Windtechnik’s position in the market make flexibility and agile structures necessary. For example, we have to move quickly if there are only a few days between the start date for work. Complex project structures may require custom solutions that need to be designed and implemented very quickly.

What challenges can arise in these  situations?

Some solutions are developed for specific projects and are only temporary. In practice, however, some of these solutions remain in use for well over a year due to follow-up projects. That’s a long time in IT. If operating systems such as iOS, Android or Windows publish updates during this time, then you repeatedly have to make sure your special solutions remain compatible. However, using basic frameworks enables us to get a grip on these challenges. We only have to solve problems in one place and can keep all custom solutions that use these frameworks up to date.
Can you give us an example of a custom  IT solution?

In a wind turbine, different marking systems exist for the installed components. In order for our customer to be able to find their marking system in reports, we adapt the system within a short period of time so that we can store a separate marking system for each customer. This software is developed by one of our small, dynamic development teams that work independently from our core teams, who take care of our ERP system, for example.