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10.10.2019 Playing for time - the expected ONM regulation has the wind energy sector perched on the edge of its seat

The new law regarding On-Demand Night-Time Marking (ONM), which will make this type of hazard lighting mandatory, is going to bring with it significant challenges for operators. Financially, technically and logistically there will be a lot of work to do. Karl Keusgen, Managing Director of Deutsche Windtechnik Steuerung, describes what is important now:

What is the current status quo regarding ONM in Germany?

The enactment of the Collective Energy Act (Energiesammelgesetz) at the end of 2018 necessitated an amendment to the General Administrative Rules for the Identification of Aircraft Obstructions (AVV). The new AVV is currently under development, and it will hopefully come into effect by early 2020. We expect to see many changes compared to the old AVV, which is currently still valid. These changes will include concrete requirements for ONM technology as well as the hazard lighting. An extension of the deadline by which ONM must be implemented is under consideration and seems necessary.

How is Deutsche Windtechnik involved?

We have prepared for several scenarios and are ready to assist our customers as a competent partner in preparing for ONM. Our solutions are flexible and focus on the hazard lighting systems, their communica-tion connection, the ONM interface as well as the technologically open integration of possible ONM systems. At the same time, we have developed a transponder-based ONM system, but this can only enter the approval procedure after the new AVV comes into effect. In addition to these technical options, we are developing suitable ONM services and operating models. The current confusing market situation and the imminent loss of the feed-in tariff make flexible concepts for the distribution of ONM products necessary.

What should operators do now?

For many wind farms, the necessary investments are high and they must be made relatively quickly for ONM retrofitting. Generally speaking, a very big wave is advancing towards the market. In order for operators of wind turbines to be able to take action when the new AVV comes into force, they should be as well-informed as possible about the optionsfor implementing ONM that are available on the market and, if possible, be proactive in their preparations. We are happy to help!

Contact: Jasper Salzwedel (j.salzwedel@deutsche-windtechnik.com)