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17.06.2019 Operators are evaluating individual alternatives

The turbine manufacturer Senvion fi led for what is called ‘selfmanaged insolvency’ in April. Since then, company management has been trying to develop measures that can help to restructure the company. We asked the Board Director of Deutsche Windtechnik, Matthias Brandt, what this means for the industry in general and operators in particular.

What is the mood like in the service market in view of Senvion’s insolvency?

Very complex. It ranges from large issues and effects, including construction, commissioning, warranty issues and mutual contract termination rights, to service contracts, which to a large extent are continuing unaffected. When a company is having difficulties, it is never good news. Nevertheless, we are confident that the industry will compensate for any interruptions in maintenance with a correspondingly rapid technological response.

Can operators protect themselves when it comes to service? Are there any technical restrictions?

Customers need to carefully evaluate their contractual relationships and how the contractually agreed services can be rendered carefully. At this point, there are many ways things could go for Senvion, including the continuation of business, being broken up into smaller companies or liquidation. It is very clear that all customers are evaluating their individual alternatives. We will see whether there are any technical obstacles to providing service for the latest system technologies, what these obstacles are and how quickly they can be overcome. The necessary expertise will be developed by the market or it will be made available at some point in the future. Of course we are only talking about some of the latest developments here. We can already manage most of the installed turbine types.

How is Deutsche Windtechnik positioned for Senvion turbine services?

We have been active in the market as an independent service provider for Senvion turbines for a long time. We offer full service for all turbines up to the 3.XM series. This includes all necessary work, such as major component replacement, uptower repairs, retrofi ts, etc. At the moment, we have more than 300 Senvion turbines under contract. One measure is to expand the already well-established Senvion engineering department even further.