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25.03.2019 Approaching the ONM challengees proactively

The question of whether operators will be obliged to introduce on-demand nighttime marking – or ONM for short – for wind turbines is no longer a matter for discussion. What is under discussion in specialist circles these days is which ONM solution will ultimately be the system of choice, as that has not yet been finalised.

Irrespective of which solution the decision-makers ultimately choose, we are participating actively in the debate, utilising our networks and developing our own technical and logistical concepts so as to be prepared for various outcomes of the awaited General Administrative Regulation (AVV) regarding the ONM.

The solutions discussed currently include active and passive radar systems as well as transponder systems. Deutsche Windtechnik has proactively developed an ONM transponder system which can be retrofitted and is installed independently of the farm’s infrastructure or communication technology, thereby avoiding high and long-term secondary costs.