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11.12.2018 Data storage in accordance with TR10 – what now?

This year will see connection of the first wind turbines to receive remuneration determined by a tender in accordance with the EEG 2017 to the grid. To verify the remuneration, the quality of the location including the correction factor is recalculated after 5, 10 and 15 years based on operating data for these turbines. The operator has the task of storing the data in the long term in accordance with Technische Richtlinie (Technical Guideline) TR10. The integrity of the information is crucial.

Securing long-term remuneration

Since the legal framework is still unspecific, Deutsche Windtechnik has developed  case-by-case measures. Software reads the system data. The operator stores the data redundantly using WORM (Write Once Read Many) media. This enables the operator to verify the authenticity of the information to the expert appraiser. The data, which is important for things such as technical management, is available for use when needed. Since each system has different parameters, the procedure needs to be thought through every time.

Contact: Holger Hämel
(E-mail: h.haemel@deutsche-windtechnik.com)