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29.11.2017 Next stop: USA!

Manufacturer-independent maintenance is gaining momentum throughout the world: After setting up its European service network, Deutsche Windtechnik is now leveraging its know-how and establishing a subsidiary in North America. Melf Lorenzen, future managing director, provides insights on location:

What makes the US market so interesting for Deutsche Windtechnik?
The US market has 88 GW of installed capacity. As a multi-brand specialist company, we have the expertise to provide extensive, comprehensive technical service for approximately half of them. That is a lot of potential. There has been no independent service provider with the necessary competence to provide full maintenance since Vestas acquired UpWind and Availon. We can use our expertise as an independent service provider with international experience to the fullest extent here.

Are there parallels to the European market?
Even though we are faced with entirely new dimensions in the USA, there are interesting analogies: The requirements for occupational safety, processes and regulatory requirements are similar in many respects to the HSE guidelines in the UK. The intensity of competition, on the other hand, is more comparable to that in Spain due to a more concentrated operator structure. The O&M organisational structure also has many parallels to our units in Spain and the UK.

What is the starting point?
Our company is already established in Houston, Texas. We will begin business activities there in January. Our range of services will include comprehensive system maintenance, from special disciplines to full scope. We see great potential for inspections, repairs of large components and solutions for controlling turbines remotely.

And what are the objectives in the medium term?
We have set ourselves the clear goal of becoming a permanent fixture in the US wind industry with significant size and reputation over the next three to five years. We also see this step as a springboard for entry into other interesting markets such as Canada or countries in South America. The quality of German engineering is of great importance worldwide and this is also true of the American market.