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29.11.2017 More transparency in the market!

Competence is an issue that everyone is talking about. It is hard to find a company with a sustainable business model that does not claim to be 'competent'. Competence is clearly an essential prerequisite for economic success. But what specific abilities does this include? And what competencies does a company need to have in order to ensure the profitable operation of wind energy systems?

It turns out that there are many: The list includes competencies in specialist areas and methodology, but also social and personality competencies. Employees bring these abilities into the company as competence providers, thereby preparing a foundation for healthy growth. This is also true in the international service market: Individual know-how and active engagement with specific turbine technologies form the core competence and are decisive in competitive situations. It also includes detailed knowledge about the conditions of individual national markets, such as unique technical requirements, standards, regulations, socio-cultural differences, and so on. Competencies in methodology are brought to bear in all areas of activity, such as R&D, reporting, documentation or data analysis.

Using competence centres for system engineering
In order to make existing knowledge available in the company as well as in the market, a culture of transparency and interdisciplinary communication must be lived on different levels. This can be organised and promoted by pooling knowledge within company competence centres, for example. At international companies such as Deutsche Windtechnik, individual units and national subsidiaries have developed special expertise that benefits the entire company. Exchanging these special competencies is what drives innovation, making it a prerequisite as well as the engine for the continuing internationalisation of Deutsche Windtechnik.

The competence centres for system engineering in Germany are the focal point for Deutsche Windtechnik's knowledge transfer. Here, our experts work with technology from the manufacturers Siemens, Vestas, Nordex, Senvion and Fuhrländer. Daily cooperation with international colleagues is an integral part of this. Most research and development projects are also initiated through international exchanges that take place here. Internal education and training courses are held at the new Training Center for System Engineering in Viöl, which is also open to operators and plant managers for training in special areas of expertise. For more information on the Training Center and our international experts, please refer to page 3 of this issue of luftpost.

Making information available to operators also
Our transparent approach is different from the behaviour of many manufacturers. A number of manufacturers are currently turning their attention to the service business. In practice, however, the majority is taking steps to prevent external service providers from gaining access to expertise necessary for maintenance tasks. The customer usually does not receive sufficient technical documentation. Some purchase contracts contain clauses that limit or even exclusively restrict the availability and use of software products to the manufacturer. This type of behaviour is sharply criticised in other sectors, and justifiably so. The manufacturer is actually required to provide its customers with the knowledge needed to enable the customer to fulfil its duties as an operator and ensure smooth and, above all, safe operation. Hopefully, the realisation will prevail that fair but tough competition that adheres to the rules of good sportsmanship offers significant advantages.