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08.09.2017 Constantly changing - Deutsche Windtechnik has a new logo

The wind industry is also subject to continual change. This is especially true of the service business: Deutsche Windtechnik has been part of an enormous change, and has advanced independent maintenance at an international level. We asked board member Matthias Brandt how the Deutsche Windtechnik brand has changed along the way:

Has internationalisation had an impact on Deutsche Windtechnik?
Since its founding, Deutsche Windtechnik has continued to grow steadily – first in Germany, then at a European level, and now it is entering North America. We have always remained faithful to our roots in this respect. This can also be seen in the fact that, despite increasing internationalisation, we are still known as Deutsche Windtechnik, even though this admittedly works better in some countries than it does in others.

From now on, Deutsche Windtechnik will be represented by a new logo. What is the reason for this?
Especially because we are on the way to increasing internationalisation, and the name is remaining as it is, we want to further strengthen our logo with an even more striking image. The new image element, consisting of the arrow and the cross, depicts two ancient symbols of force, which are extremely memorable in their simplicity and interplay.

What do the arrow and cross symbols stand for?
There is a wide range of interpretations, starting with the cogs of a gearbox, which perfectly interlock with one another, and including the interactive exchange between ourselves and our customers, partners or also our employees, through to the arrow as a symbol for dynamics and the cross as a symbol for the location of the wind turbine, or for consistency. Everyone is invited to give his or her imagination free reign.