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10.09.2017 Husum Wind: Celebrate with us twice!

Also this year there are many reasons to celebrate with us. The Soft Opening takes place on the eve before the opening of Husum Wind. We are also looking forward to welcoming you to the stand party on the 14th of September at the fair! more

08.09.2017 New advertising series with fresh perspectives

Right in the midst of the technology, people, and values that shape our work, we took a walk through the company with camera in hand. The result is reflected in the monthly changing motifs of our new ad series. more

08.09.2017 Constantly changing - Deutsche Windtechnik has a new logo

The wind industry is also subject to continual change. This is especially true of the service business: Deutsche Windtechnik has been part of an enormous change, and has advanced independent maintenance at an international level. We asked board member Matthias Brandt how the Deutsche Windtechnik brand has changed along the way: more

08.09.2017 Maintenance on the way to the future

It is common knowledge that sometimes people are very reluctant to part with things they have grown fond of. But that isn\'t a bad thing. However, the bottom line is that remaining open to change in as many areas as possible is a tried and true approach, in particular regarding unusual ideas and taking advantage of new opportunities. This also applies to the current considerable potential for digital renewal with respect to maintenance of wind turbines. more

22.08.2017 Stricter inspections: Deutsche Windtechnik is offering follow-up inspections for pressure tanks

Pressure tanks in the nacelle and hub of wind turbines must be capable of withstanding severe stresses. They ensure that the hydraulic pitch regulator (blade adjustment) works, and they also fulfil emergency/safety functions related to the hydraulic disk and yaw braking system. If the pressure tanks malfunction, this can cause personal injury and material damage. more