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14.03.2018 Keeping an eye on the big picture - software landscape between vicion, desire and reality

Software solutions make our work easier, enable fast communication, are very intelligent, save resources, create transparency and are simply indispensable. But, as is often the case, there are two sides to this coin. more

06.03.2018 Qualified demolition of old systems saves costs

If turbines cannot be sold in one piece or as individual parts due to their age or condition, then demolition offers a cost-effective alternative. It can be performed with all turbine types and tower versions. more

29.11.2017 More transparency in the market!

Competence is an issue that everyone is talking about. It is hard to find a company with a sustainable business model that does not claim to be competent. Competence is clearly an essential prerequisite for economic success. But what specific abilities does this include? more

29.11.2017 New competence centre

In the new Training Center internal education and training courses that focus on system engineering will be held here from now on, but that is not all. Special training sessions for large operators and plant managers are also on the schedule. more

29.11.2017 Next stop: USA!

Manufacturer-independent maintenance is gaining momentum throughout the world: After setting up its European service network, Deutsche Windtechnik is now leveraging its know-how and establishing a subsidiary in North America. Melf Lorenzen, future managing director, provides insights on location: more