Even in Corona times: We are still there for you!

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01.07.2020 Deutsche Windtechnik acquires psm WindService

In the course of the reorganisation of psm, Deutsche Windtechnik takes over the service business of psm. For the time being, psm WindService GmbH & Co. KG will continue to use its name and be structurally integrated as a unit within Deutsche Windtechnik X-Service GmbH. more

08.06.2020 Rising to the challenge, staying the course, achieving results

The extensive contact and travel restrictions as well as the closing down of production and training facilities resulting from the coronavirus pandemic are forcing society and businesses to think in new ways and accept responsibility. Inevitably, even a company that provides services for wind turbines has to deal with the topic of the coronavirus. more

23.04.2020 Passion for turbine service brings people together - Deutsche Windtechnik acquires 100 per cent of GFW

The name Fuhrländer is well known in the wind industry. Before Jürgen Fuhrländer switched to the service sector as managing director of GFW Gesellschaft für Windenergieanlagen, he and his brother Joachim had built up the Fuhrländer Company to manufacture wind turbines, and he was the head of engineering there for a long time. On 01.01.2020, GFW became a 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Windtechnik. more

19.03.2020 Even in Corona times: We are still there for you!

The effects of the corona virus pandemic, which is now occurring worldwide, have expanded considerably in recent days. We at Deutsche Windtechnik, too, are monitoring the situation very carefully and are constantly adapting our preventive measures to the current circumstances, taking into account the information provided by the authorities, the Robert Koch Institute and other institutions. more

06.03.2020 Growth in the service market – A source of pleasure and pain?

The service market for wind turbines is still evolving rapidly. The trend towards consolidation shows no signs of slowing down, especially with the disappearance of some turbine manufacturers and the unabated appetite of larger companies to acquire smaller and medium-sized market participants. What exactly is happening and what are the effects on the market and particularly on the operators? more