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07.12.2018 How much longer are you going to live?

On 01.01.2021, a large number of wind turbines will begin to lose their eligibility for EEG (Renewable Energy Act) remuneration in Germany each year. The question is becoming more urgent: What comes after that? Two things are of central importance here. On the income side, there is the remuneration. On the cost side, maintenance expenses are likely to be the largest item. more

29.11.2018 PPAs: more opportunity than risk

Wind energy PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) are already well-established in many countries, and now they are also gaining importance in Germany. PPAs offer an opportunity to continue operating 'over 20' systems profitably despite the elimination of the EEG subsidy. We asked three of our business partners for a brief assessment. more

02.10.2018 Offshore: Warranty ensures smooth follow-up service

At the end of 2019, a significant number of warranties of offshore wind turbines will expire. Operators should subject their installations to a comprehensive condition inspection in order to be able to assert possible claims against manufacturers as well as to safeguard against impending costs for the repair or replacement of components. more

20.09.2018 What is my wind farm capable of?

The technical availability of wind farms is not the only indicator of performance. So how do you find out if a wind farm is performing as well as it could? more

07.09.2018 Success can be learned – can’t it? Leveraging the potential of Training and further education

A high proportion of Deutsche Windtechnik’s employees work in the technical service. For this reason, great importance is attached to training. This ensures the quality of work and motivation of the employees, plus it decisively shapes the identity. more