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17.06.2019 Operators are evaluating individual alternatives

The turbine manufacturer Senvion fi led for what is called ‘selfmanaged insolvency’ in April. Since then, company management has been trying to develop measures that can help to restructure the company. We asked the Board Director of Deutsche Windtechnik, Matthias Brandt, what this means for the industry in general and operators in particular. more

06.06.2019 Think Big!

Deutsche Windtechnik has won the EU tender to provide maintenance for 30 Siemens SWT-3.6-120 wind turbines at the Riffgat offshore wind farm. This is the first time an independent company has taken over the maintenance of a large Siemens offshore wind farm. more

29.05.2019 According to the TÜV, wind turbines are "ticking time bombs". Is this statement accurate?

Last year, publications based on a press release from the TÜV Association, Verband der TÜV e.V. (VdTÜV), attracted quite a bit of media attention because they called wind turbines "ticking time bombs" (see VdTÜV press release dated 08.10.2018). more

15.05.2019 ISP are a fixture in the UK service market

Wind energy in the UK is picking up speed again. The market for the maintenance of wind turbines is also undergoing some changes. ISPs (Independent Service Providers) with their flexible service concepts have become a fixture in the UK during the past few years as well. Deutsche Windtechnik is on the cutting edge of these developments. more

25.03.2019 Approaching the ONM challengees proactively

The question of whether operators will be obliged to introduce on-demand nighttime marking – or ONM for short – for wind turbines is no longer a matter for discussion. What is under discussion in specialist circles these days is which ONM solution will ultimately be the system of choice, as that has not yet been finalised. more