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10.10.2019 Playing for time - the expected ONM regulation has the wind energy sector perched on the edge of its seat

The new law regarding On-Demand Night-Time Marking (ONM), which will make this type of hazard lighting mandatory, is going to bring with it significant challenges for operators. Financially, technically and logistically there will be a lot of work to do. Karl Keusgen, Managing Director of Deutsche Windtechnik Steuerung, describes what is important now: more

23.09.2019 Partner who reinvent themselves

Current developments are affecting the economically viable operation of old as well as new wind turbine generators (WTG). On the one hand, falling remunerations and regulatory requirements such as retrofitting On-Demand Night-Time Marking (ONM) are placing a burden on existing wind farms. On the other hand, the requirements of the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) 2017 are creating challenges for operators of new turbines. As a result, tried-and-tested business management and technical operating concepts are also under scrutiny. more

10.09.2019 Well Prepared - Deutsche Windtechnik Backstage

Our video series "Deutsche Windtechnik Backstage" has been added. Also in "Well Prepared" we brought our colleagues in front of the camera again. If an error message from a wind turbine comes in, every minute counts. How does Deutsche Windtechnik solve the problem? more

28.08.2019 Night Fever - Deutsche Windtechnik Backstage

For our video series "Deutsche Windtechnik Backstage", we got some of our colleagues to let us film them at work, including service technicians and trainers. The result is a collection of extraordinary stories about the company and its specialist departments. more

17.06.2019 Operators are evaluating individual alternatives

The turbine manufacturer Senvion fi led for what is called ‘selfmanaged insolvency’ in April. Since then, company management has been trying to develop measures that can help to restructure the company. We asked the Board Director of Deutsche Windtechnik, Matthias Brandt, what this means for the industry in general and operators in particular. more