Our history at a glance

Healthy growth in turbulent times

Over the last two decades, we have been able to experience an extraordinary development: the beginnings of a fundamental reorganization of our energy system with the goal of creating an electricity supply from 100 percent renewable sources. Wind energy is the force powering the energy revolution. Deutsche Windtechnik had the very good fortune of being in the right place at the right time during this process.

Step by step, we were able to experience stable growth together with our wind-inspired customers and partners. We now offer an entire portfolio of maintenance and repair solutions for wind turbines: maintenance, repair, inspection and optimization, whether on land or at sea. In the beginning, we primarily concentrated on the German market but nowadays our service teams are active in many European countries and also worldwide.

Selection of important milestones Deutschen Windtechnik

2004 Founding of Deutsche Rotor- und Turm-Service, Bremen
2005 Takeover of UBS Umspannwerke, Kiel
2007 Launch year of Deutsche Windtechnik Service GmbH & Co. KG in Ostenfeld as well as Deutsche Windtechnik AG as a holding with headquarters in Bremen
2008 Founding of Deutsche Windtechnik Repowering GmbH & Co., Bremen
2010 First full service contract in Germany
2011 Founding of Deutsche Windtechnik Steuerung GmbH & Co., Viöl
2012 Takeover of Windstrom Service SH by Deutsche Windtechnik Service GmbH & Co. KG
2013 Founding of Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore und Consulting GmbH, Bremen
2013 First full maintenance contract in Poland
2014 Takeover of the Spanish service company, GPS S.L. (General Power Services S.L.) and Danowind S.L., Saragossa, Spain
2015 Takeover of seebaWIND Service GmbH as well as Level 360 Gesellschaft für Rotor- und Gittermastservice mbH, Osnabrück
2015 First full maintenance contract in Great Britain
2015 First full maintenance contract in Spain
2016 All subsidiaries of the parent company operate under the name Deutsche Windtechnik
2016 Acquisition of Dutch/German group OutSmart B.V.
2017 New subsidiary in the USA
2018 New subsidiary in Taiwan
2020 Wind turbines with a rated power of more than 10 GW under maintanance
2021 New subsidiary for offshore full-service in the UK