New service concepts for a young wind energy market

Deutsche Windtechnik supplies independent full service

Deutsche Windtechnik has been participating in an exciting development on the French wind energy market since 2016. All signs point to growth. This trend can be attributed in particular to government subsidies provided under the energy turnaround law (PLTE). This presents new opportunities and challenges for the service market, which is still dominated by manufacturers.

As an independently operating full-service provider, we are increasingly being seen as a serious alternative. Since Deutsche Windtechnik SARL was founded in September 2016, contracts for 90 wind turbines from the manufacturers Vestas, Fuhrländer, Nordex and Senvion have already been signed.

Correspondingly, the French business unit is investing in new teams and locations. However, cooperation with service teams in neighbouring countries will also be intensified in order to offer cost-efficient maintenance concepts for all types of manufacturers.

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Mohamed Metahri

Mohamed Metahri
Sales Manager Deutsche Windtechnik SARL (Frankreich)

Phone:+ 49 541 38 05 38 410
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Deutsche Windtechnik SARL

15 Avenue Becquerel
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Deutsche Windtechnik has been awarded contracts to provide maintenance for Vestas V90 turbines

Deutsche Windtechnik has been awarded contracts to provide maintenance for Vestas V90 turbines

In June 2017, Deutsche Windtechnik's French unit will begin providing maintenance for turbines from Vestas for the first time. The 22 V90 turbines generate a total output of 44 MW. The contracts are for full maintenance.


  • EuroCape is entrusting Deutsche Windtechnik with two windfarms that we manage in France. We chose Deutsche Windtechnik because it has experience with the specific type of wind turbines that we are operating. The company's technical expertise enabled it to recover satisfactory levels of availability and ensure that these assets remain profitable for their owners.



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