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06.03.2018 Qualified demolition of old systems saves costs

If turbines cannot be sold in one piece or as individual parts due to their age or condition, then demolition offers a cost-effective alternative. It can be performed with all turbine types and tower versions. más

10.09.2017 Husum Wind: Celebrate with us twice!

Also this year there are many reasons to celebrate with us. The Soft Opening takes place on the eve before the opening of Husum Wind. We are also looking forward to welcoming you to the stand party on the 14th of September at the fair! más

23.03.2016 Passion for service without disappointment - Our onshore service update 2015

The service business for wind turbines is stable - procuring services in Germany means being able to count on qualified maintenance. This is good news for all operators. What was the key moment for Deutsche Windtechnik in 2015? más

22.03.2016 Un servicio europeo implica "pensar de forma diferente"
Un informe sobre la entrada en los mercados europeos

Desde 2012, Deutsche Windtechnik opera en el mercado de servicios europeo. La entrada en mercados extranjeros demuestra que no existe un concepto universal. Quien opera más allá de sus fronteras, debe adaptarse a las necesidades nacionales y, especialmente, a las exigencias específicas de los clientes. Hemos hablado con Melf Lorenzen, Country Manager de España, acerca de sus experiencias. más

21.03.2016 Maintenance and inspection at the OSS and grid connection
Minimal downtimes thanks to optimal planning

As one of the major offshore service providers, Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore and Consulting has specialised in the upkeep of offshore wind turbines, transition pieces, substructures, offshore services and other offshore constructions. The servicing work on the offshore services is vitally important because a failure in the offshore service would mean that the offshore wind turbine could not supply any electricity. más