Training at Deutsche Windtechnik

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Buzzwords such as demographic change, skills shortage, and training gaps regularly reach Deutsche Windtechnik. To ensure a growing service market, this means above all: increasing competition for human resources. We are meeting the challenge.

We offer three apprenticeship-style training opportunities with standard dual-training paths:

  • Office administration
  • Warehouse clerk
  • Mechatronic engineer for wind turbines
  • Electrical engineer for industrial processes

Office administrators play an important role in the organisation of our company. For the area of technical maintenance and repairs, we promote two professional goals at the same time: We train mechatronic engineers with a focus on wind energy as well as electrical engineers for industrial processes specialising in wind energy. We thus establish skilled and motivated employees in our core area. Stock management is basically covered by our warehouse work.

In addition, we also implement numerous qualification measures in special areas such as authorisations for electrical switching and inspections, mechanic and hydraulic qualification modules, the whole range of relevant safety training, as well as adhesive and plastic technologies. The corresponding certifications are available for all segments.

Michael Glintenkamp

Michael Glintenkamp


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