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03.03.2021 Deutsche Windtechnik begins providing service for further 160 Mitsubishi turbines for Shell Wind Ventures LLC

On December 1, Deutsche Windtechnik personnel were deployed to Brazos Wind Farm in Fluvanna, Texas. The team will be servicing 160 MHI 1000A WTGs for Shell Wind Ventures LLC. The initial meeting between Shell and Deutsche Windtechnik took place during AWEA’s OMS 2020 in January in San Diego. The following six months allowed Deutsche Windtechnik to build MHI capabilities and become more competitive due to servicing multiple sites conveniently near Brazos Wind Farm.

The new contracts with Shell Wind Ventures LLC made Deutsche Windtechnik climb over the mark of 1 GW in service in the US. Read more about the impressive growth of the American-based unit in our press release.