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14.10.2020 Deutsche Windtechnik now offering fail-safe pitch retrofit systems in the US

Extreme weather conditions impacts the overall wind turbine generator performance. A common result of these conditions? Reactive maintenance and increased WTG down time. Deutsche Windtechnik Inc. (US) is now collaborating with a German based company who is the original inventor and manufacturer of the pitch retrofit, to offer installment of a fail-safe pitch retrofit system for wind turbines in North America.

The fail-safe pitch retrofit system has been designed and developed for any technology with an electric pitch system. “This will be a game changer for operators in terms of increased availability”, says Jared LaSalle, Sales Specialist at Deutsche Windtechnik Inc. (US) who has previous work experience operating similar electrical pitch systems as a specialized field technician.

This innovative fail-safe pitch retrofit system has been designed to last more than 20 years on newly installed WTGs and will operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 149°F. By installing this upgrade, the operator can trust that the blades will pitch to zero during high winds or grid failures and expect their fleet to run more reliably decreasing their operational cost by providing operational safety and improving turbine uptime plus eliminating battery fault conditions and related downtime.

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