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02.07.2020 Deutsche Windtechnik USA performs inspections campaign on 112 Vestas V100 turbines in Texas

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On April 10, 2020 a team of four technicians completed an inspections campaign on 112 Vestas V100 turbines in Texas. The scope of work included a total of 1008 grease samples, visual inspection of inner and outer blade bearing seals and collecting vibration analysis data of each of the 336 blades. The novel scope of work included four weeks of field performance during Covid-19 with limited access to the site and its personnel, performing self-sufficiently from the service trucks, hotel rooms and the turbines. 

The project was still executed 100% on schedule resulting in a 10/10 Net Promoter Score

“Your preparedness and how you communicated set you apart from your competition”, said the Site Lead.

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