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19.05.2020 Deutsche Windtechnik and WSTECH announce long term partnership in the US

Effective March 15 2020 Deutsche Windtechnik became WSTECH’s sole and exclusive service provider for commissioning and service of battery storage and converters on all WSTECH’s units installed in wind and solar farms at their 31 locations across the US. The proven technical capabilities and excellent service provided by Deutsche Windtechnik are the basis for this valuable partnership with WSTECH.

Expanding capabilities and capacity together

“This partnership is a perfect symbiotic relationship and combines very deep technical knowledge on both sides. The cooperation will help increase our number of qualified staff at specific US-regions being able to offer higher availability which finally results in a more efficient performance and customer satisfaction.” - Carsten Buhlrich, CFO / Managing Director, WSTECH

WSTECH’s converter and battery charging technologies, employee skill set and tooling that requires advanced electrical troubleshooting capabilities are where the two industries draw a parallel. The competency of the Deutsche Windtechnik service technicians will require limited but specialized training to become certified on the WSTECH product line.
Melf Lorenzen, CEO, Deutsche Windtechnik Inc., sees great potential in this partnership: “We are grateful for this opportunity to enter into a fast growing market of battery storage together with WSTECH. Drawing the synergies from our O&M competency with their battery storage technology will create a more holistic approach for us to better support renewable energy projects and ultimately help lowering the cost of energy.”


WSTECH GmbH is an inverter manufacturer and developer located in Flensburg, Germany. All inverters for the areas of photovoltaics, energy storage and STATCOM are produced in their own factory. By the end of 2019, WSTECH had commissioned more than 3GW of installed inverter power around the world.