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24.07.2018 Deutsche Windtechnik receives new service contracts in Poland

In addition to J-Power and Mitsui, Poland Wind Energy and Polenergia will now also be working with the multi-brand specialist and independent service provider Deutsche Windtechnik in Poland. In March and May of 2018, Deutsche Windtechnik Sp. z o.o. was commissioned to provide complete maintenance for two wind farms in Kujawsko and Krzecin. Both full maintenance contracts have a term of five years. The Kujawsko wind farm, which is located in the Pomorskie region, comprises six Nordex S77 wind turbines, and the Krzecin wind farm in the Zachodniopomorskie region comprises six Neg Micon 52 wind turbines. The second contract also includes the maintenance of the rotor. 

Good reasons for choosing Deutsche Windtechnik

“One of our main strengths is our flexibility to comply with extraordinary requests from banks or investors and to adapt our offers and service scope to customers' requirements and their financial situation. In addition, we are also able to make very quick decisions on these issues, so there are no critical delays,” said Wojciech Luzniak, Country Manager Deutsche Windtechnik Sp. z o. o. In Hristoslav Pavlov's view, who works in the area of Business Development International, there are further important advantages: “The transparent approach of the Deutsche Windtechnik Group regarding information and data about the condition of the assets and our services is one of the key reasons we were awarded these contracts.”