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29.06.2018 Integrated seabed surveys reduce costs

Regular inspections of the seabed prevent expensive damage and risks to the stability of the  wind turbine or substation. At the same time, these inspections are very expensive if they are commissioned separately. Deutsche Windtechnik has responded to this and expanded its technical expertise in the field of underwater inspections. At the beginning of 2018, Deutsche Windtechnik began using the multibeam echosounder from the Norwegian manufacturer Kongsberg.

By upgrading the transport vessels, underwater surveys can now be combined with other offshore tasks that the transport vessel is already performing. “Combining various tasks allows us to be more flexible than almost any other provider. In addition to cost savings, our customers benefit from expertise from a single source and lean, integrated processes,” said Hans Spengler, Team Leader Subsea Surveys, describing the advantages for wind farm operators.

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