Basic and full maintenance contract options

Find the contract that suits your requirements!

We service over 7,000 wind turbines in Europe as part of fixed maintenance contracts. Approximately a third of which are full maintenance contracts – with a strongly growing tendency towards larger systems in particular. In principle, we offer five different types of maintenance contract: the basic contract as well as four contract options for full maintenance.

Operators are on the safe side with a Deutsche Windtechnik full maintenance contract. The contract option covers all the services that are required to operate the system. Depending on the requirements and the needs of the operator, all services can be booked alone or individually combined.

Our maintenance approach: preventative, corrective, reactive? – simply optimised

Although we are not “yet” able to predict the future – with our experience as well as the possibilities of analysis offered by monitoring data remotely and on site, we can precisely predict certain technical developments in the system operation. Within the scope of this “preventive” maintenance approach, we inspect and completely readjust the system. We also regularly exchange consumables such as filters, grease and oil. Where necessary or sensible, we can also act correctively or, on a case-by-case basis, reactively. What is important is that we master the complete spectrum of technology. However, we discuss all this with you beforehand. We carry out all measures that are necessary for the long-term operation of the wind turbine – quickly and efficiently.