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Code of Conduct

Our mission statement has already introduced you to our values and principles. Our Code of Coduct goes into greater detail and relates specifically to our working practices. It sums up the rules of conduct that apply globally to the entire Deutsche Windtechnik personnel.

You can download our Code of Conduct here:


Whistleblowing and Compliance

Our compliance system also includes a whistleblowing system. This should expressly be used by employees of Deutsche Windtechnik as well as by business partners and third parties to report incidents.

But what does compliance actually mean? What exactly is a compliance incident and when should it be reported? You can find information about this in our collection of the most important questions and answers.

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Questions and answers about the compliance whistleblowing system

Compliance is the adherence to legal and internal company rules (for example our Code of Conduct). Compliance with these regulations applies to all employees.

  1. All criminal acts / violations of laws, for example theft, fraud, discrimination, bribery, etc.
  2. Violations of internal company regulations
  3. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct (see above)

All employees, business partners and all others are expressly called upon to report violations of any kind. This allows us to limit undesirable consequences and prevent similar misconduct in the future.

Reports of suspicions or actual violations, which can be kept anonymous upon request, are submitted using a form. You can be sure that our Whistleblowing Officer will always treat your report strictly confidential. This also applies if you have submitted your personal contact information, i.e. the message has not been received anonymously. Please note that if you submit an anonymous report, the Whistleblowing Officer will not be able to ask you any questions about the incident or to inform you about the further course of action in the specific case.

Is there no evidence for the incident? Is it really a violation? Is a suspicion sufficient for the report?
Possible violations are also worth reporting to the Whistleblowing Officer. The Whistleblowing Officer reserves the right to initiate an investigation, collect evidence and to take any other necessary steps.

  • All employees of Deutsche Windtechnik, from interns to CEOs
  • All business partners (customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • Any third party

No. If a whistleblower reports a violation to the best of their knowledge and in good faith, they do not have to fear any disadvantages.

In addition, you always have the option of anonymously reporting a violation. Reports with specific personal information are also treated confidentially.

Compliance contact

Whilstleblowing Officer

Contact Whilstleblowing Officer:


If you want to contact our Whilstleblowing Officer via phone or in person please make an appointment via email.