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13.06.2017 PES Power Energy Solutions, Issue Mai 2017: Intelligent wind farm management makes the difference

OutSmart is not the first company in Germany or abroad that Deutsche Windtechnik has acquired a stake in but it is one that opens up many new opportunities. “Our own range of services had hardly any overlap with Deutsche Windtechnik’s, so we complement each other perfectly,” said Erwin Coolen, one of the three managing directors and founders of the Dutch service provider. more

13.09.2016 PES Power Energy Solutions, Issue September 2016: Wind expansion UK

PES talks with Billy Stevenson, Managing Director, Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd, to find out about the growth in wind power in the UK and the prospects for the future. more

03.08.2016 PES Power and Energy Solutions, Issue June 2016: Independence - the key to cutting costs

Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore und Consulting GmbH explains to PES how it is possible for them to offer an excellent maintenance service whilst keeping the costs down. They do this by providing a variety of individual service packages through synergies and flexibility... more

19.05.2016 Windtech International, Issue June 2016: Measuring Rotor Blades with Lasers

Deutsche Windtechnik has been measuring wind turbine rotor blades using a laser-based blade angle procedure since 2015. The company has discovered serious shortcomings on some of the 273 Vestas turbines examined to date. more

22.12.2015 FuturEnergy, Issue November 2016: The European Service Business. O&M contract types and evaluation of “ideal” service model for O&M of Onshore Wind assets.

The European wind power market is diverse and characterised by a wide variety of players, ownership and service structures. The expectations and approaches with regard to quality onshore wind services vary appreciably from country to country. Deutsche Windtechnik now looks after more than 2.700 wind turbines in 5 countries and is preparing for further growth. more