Aircraft Detection Light System (ADLS)

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We have the right ADLS solution for every requirement

Using an Aircraft Detection Light System (ADLS for short) will become mandatory on 01.01.2023. In cooperation with f.u.n.k.e. Avionics GmbH, Deutsche Windtechnik has developed an independent transponder-based ADLS system. This was one of the first ADLS systems to be approved in accordance with the new guidelines of the General Administrative Rules for the Identification of Aircraft Obstructions (AVV marking) after type examination.

Our ADLS system is available in configuration options that can be combined with one another. This enables us to offer you a solution that is tailored to your needs and ensures that your wind farm fulfils all ADLS requirements.

Option 1: Deutsche Windtechnik's ADLS system as a complete solution

If we equip your wind farm with our complete solution, we centrally operate a transponder receiver at the wind farm and take responsibility for it. Each of the connected wind turbines is fitted with an ADLS BOX that controls the corresponding night-time marking system. Communication within the overall system is implemented using Deutsche Windtechnik's local radio solution, making it independent of existing infrastructure.


  • Independence from existing infrastructure, wind farm boundaries and the turbine technology
  • We take responsibility for all verification and documentation obligations for an unlimited period of time
  • Information from the visibility meter is processed and documented within the ADLS system
  • For the highest level of safety: ADLS full maintenance contracts for the entire service life

ADLS complete

The ADLS BOX is installed inside of the nacelle of each turbine involved. A transponder receiver is installed to cover the entire wind farm and operated by Deutsche Windtechnik. 

Option 2: If your wind farm already has ADLS interfaces

Does your wind farm already have one or more ADLS wind farm interfaces, for example from the manufacturer? In that case, the ADLS BOX does not need to be installed in every turbine, only at the ADLS interfaces. The ADLS BOX communicates directly with the interface unit and receives its information from the transponder receiver installed centrally at the wind farm, which we operate and are responsible for. We can connect to all standard interfaces, such as those from Vestas, Quantec and Enercon. 

Deutsche Windtechnik documents the functionality and the signal path to the wind farm interface (shown in colour). The hazard lighting is controlled and system-related data is documented via the ADLS interface at the wind farm (shown in grey).

Option 3: Do you already have an ADLS signal at your wind farm? (ADLS Light)

At some installation locations it is possible to obtain the ADLS signal from a third-party system (e.g. Lanthan, Quantec, WuF or others). This makes sense, for example, if your wind farm is close to another wind farm from which the ADLS signal can be obtained. If all of the requirements for this implementation are fulfilled, we can feed the signal from the third-party ADLS into our ADLS BOXES, distribute it within your wind farm and enable the night-time marking.

ADLS light

We feed the signal from the third-party ADLS into our ADLS BOXES, distribute it within the wind farm, enable the night-time marking and generate the system-related documentation and proof (shown in colour). The airspace monitoring events must be managed by the operator of the external ADLS (shown in gray).

The advantages of the ADLS-Box Deutsche Windtechnik:

  • A range of configuration options: complete solution, connection to interfaces or utilisation of third-party systems
  • Independent of the turbine technology
  • Reliably available assembly and service capacities at more than 107 German service locations, thanks to a comprehensive service network that uses our own staff
  • Our license agreements exclude claims by the patent owner
  • Coordinated procedure for carrying out a site-specific assessment 
  • Support during the approval process 
  • Low technical risk through specialist multi-brand expertise that is at your disposal throughout the entire service life of the ADLS system


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